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Four Powerful Project Management Tools

Create Your Project Network And Then Design, Manage, & Record Your Projects


Project Coordinator

Create and Manage a Series of Projects

Project Designer

Design Projects That Get Completed

Project Agenda

Manage Project Activities Impeccably

Project Journal

Record Outcomes & Future Priorities


Project Network Navigator  

The Project Network Navigator offers a set of four tools designed to maximize certainty that projects will be successfully completed and on time. In the swirl of day to day chaos it is essential to have total awareness of the array of projects, the design of the projects, that things that need to be done and a way to capture notes about the future possibilities that emerge. Just the act of think in projects can significantly reduce the daunting list of tasks. When each project is made up of a group of tasks, we no longer have to wade through hundreds of tasks but rather can deal with a defined number of projects. As things change in a constantly evolving universe, it is essential to make the network of projects flexible so as priorities shift so does the projects we are focusing upon.



Tool 1: Project Coordinator

Build out your network of projects so you can integrate them into an align process. 

Tool 2: Project Designer

Design projects that have a clear sense of mission, objectives and conditions to be fulfilled. . 

Tool 3: Project Agenda

Keep track of the actions necessary to the completion of a project so nothing gets overlooked. 


Tool 4: Project Journal

Keep a record of the new ideas and future projects that unfold regarding clients, colleagues and team. 



 Project Coordinator

Create & Manage a Series of Projects.  


The Project Coordinator Tool is designed to maximize you ability to capture the full range of essential projects an keep you attention on all of them so none get forgotten. Focusing on a single project is necessary to effective execution, but if the network of other projects is not precisely managed, a single project can become buried underneath the distractions of the others in the network. By applying this tool, many more projects can be taken on and many more can get successfully completed. 

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Project Designer

Design Projects That Get Completed With Certainty   


This tool offers a method for developing an array of call lists each aimed at a different group of people based on market area, category of asset, specific client or asset criteria, the condition of the asset and a promotional focus that appeals to their most central issues. The Targeted Suspect Lists method makes it possible to build a number of campaigns at the same time whether it be based on the size of the client, the product type, the financial or legal condition, or changes in the market. A selling agent may focus on one list for a number of call sessions or move between numerous call lists to cover a broader range of product sizes, locations and conditions. Once a call sessions begins it may only take a few calls to begin to understand what issues are of concern to the clients on a particular list. The fact that all clients on the list have common challenges takes the cold out of cold calling. If a Targeted Suspect List is used with a promo email and phone messages, calls get even warmer. 

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Project Agenda

Manage Project Actions Through to Completion.  


The Deal Manager Dashboard gives selling agents a way to know the status of every deal they are working on at anytime regardless of their size or importance. Once an initial call has been made on the Targeted Suspect List clients are placed into the Deal Manager Dashboard  based on their response to an agent offer of a meeting. Those that say Yes or Maybe to a Meeting are moved onto the Dashboard and from there they go through a continuum of steps to completion of a deal. Depending on the industry and discipline within that industry clients go through the deal continuum from prospective, to potential, to possible, to probable, to predictable and finally to actual once a deal has been completed.  Agents know everything about each deal each step of the way. At all times agents have immediate access to essential client, asset, buyer and all people who influence the deal process. Agents can define how much information they want to work with but information access never slows momentum.

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Project Journal

Record Project Details and Future Team & Client Actions


The HomeBase Data Center is able to capture large volumes of client and asset specific information and then make it available to the selling agent immediately in the moment of need. There is no clumsy jumping from one part of an application to another. Everything is built into the system, so the clients an agent wants to view or interact with and their information are easy to access. Within HomeBase there is no limit on the number of clients and no limit on the number of assets a client can have. Portfolios can even be built and treated as a single asset accross the application until the status of that portfolio changes. There is a way to store complete client information, asset information and even information for client partners, team members, and buyers. The biggest challenge for any agent is can I get to my information I need at anytime without a complicated set of actions.  It is one thing to have highly effective storage but a whole other thing to have precision access in the moment of greatest need. 

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Project Journal



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